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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Connecting the dots

Negativity does not recognize it self and therefore continues its course unchecked. Only with the arising of a stream of self-reflective witnessing, which by itself is a positive event, is the necessary contrast created which outlines the silhouette of the negative. Think of a man entirely dressed in black, against a black background, in the middle of the darkest night. Only if the background turns bright and night into day can you see the man dressed in black.

Therefore, we can act and do without comprehending our own actions, if we lack the capacity to reflect upon and witness our actions.

Since the negative, unaware modality cannot see itself, it therefore is incapable of recognizing the actions that lead to the consequences that cause our suffering. It cannot connect the dots. And when the consequences manifest, 5 days, 5 years or 5 lives later, the negative, unconscious state of mind is bewildered and asks, ”Why is this happening to me?” It points and blames someone or something without the slightest clue as to
comprehending how it is responsible and how it is the actual cause of the suffering.

It cannot connect the dots.

When Jesus Christ healed a man from his suffering he said to him, “Now go and sin no more.” What he said is, recognize which actions caused your suffering and do not repeat those actions.

To sin is to break the Laws of the Universe, for which the payment is suffering.

Therefore, the conscious mind witnesses its own words and actions to eliminate those that cause suffering.

As consciousness begins to flower, it may then choose a course of action that contributes to the alleviation of suffering.

This will inevitably lead to emphasizing this message: Witness your thoughts, decisions and actions. Witness the consequences --- and learn to connect the dots. Learn to recognize and not resist wisdom. Learn to listen. Learn to be present.


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