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Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Chess of Life

Life is energy. Therefore, what you may consider an obstacle or a hindrance in your life; this too represents an energetic presence.

If the obstacle is a rock in your driveway, it is easily measurable and you will know that to move the rock will require appropriate tools that are sufficient to the task of moving it.

But when your life is laced with difficult situations that keep you from moving forward and designing a life that is more agreeable and enjoyable, then things become more nebulous.

A difficult situation too represents an energetic presence that is also measurable, if we only knew how to measure it. But, actually we do: The measure comes as a feeling of burden we carry, and we do recognize those feelings and distinguish the degrees. Sometimes, life seems heavy and it presses us down. That is the weight of the obstacles in our life.

In order to move an obstacle we need to generate an energy presence that is greater than the presence of the obstacle.

The moment we have successfully generated power greater than the power of the obstacle, then the obstacle will move and remove itself from our life.


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