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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Dynamics of Anger

The origin of anger is to be found in the gap between life as we want to experience it and life as it unfolds, separate and different from our desire of how it should be.

As this gap grows, so does our frustration. Along with it anger and rage builds. As the anger builds in us, there kicks in a mechanism that seeks to release that anger. That mechanism seeks a situation that gives "justified cause" to release. However, as the anger inside continues to grow, it will take less and less to trigger the anger.

For example, Jack Nicholson had a driver cut in before him several years ago. He had so much rage inside him built up, it just exploded in that second. He stepped out of his car, took his golf club and smashed the window of the car in front. Nowadays this is called "road rage."

Basically, we do not know how to deal with this growing anger inside, so the final collective solution always is war. So, two questions may arise.

1) How do I deal with my own anger building up?

2) How do I protect myself from the outbursts of negativity and rage that people may hand us in our daily lives?Okay, please come to our workshops for the answer!Just kidding :-)

1) It is most interesting to note that many spiritual pathways do not provide for a solution to deal with our emotional realities. Most Asian teachings, most New Age teachings do not provide powerful tools. Innumerable meditation techniques that are perfectly good techniques, Zen, Vipassana, etc, are immensely slowed down because we are sitting on a heap of repressed emotions that prevent those techniques to function efficiently, and most important: speedily. We are in need for a safe environment where we can engage in a catharrsis of our anger and built up negativity. At times we are just the victims of the anger and negativity of others, without recognizing the exchanges properly. Others' anger and negativity can truly be transferred to us.In any case, we need to find an efficient way to release these energies.

There exist techniques such as Osho Dynamic Meditation, or Osho Kundalini Meditation, where you shake your body, where you practice breath of fire, where there is space for emotional catharrsis. After passing through those 10-15 minute periods of catharrsis, there is a tremendous relief. Upon the basis of this relief, then meditation becomes a living, tangible experience.

Most meditators who start with silent meditation, do not really experience the inner reality of silence. They just sit silently on the outside, while the inside is an ongoing stream of processing thoughts of insanity, and looping them like a broken record.

2) Various religions and spiritual avenues do provide techniques to protect and remove negativity and shield from attacks.Tibetan Buddhism will invoke the fierce expressions of Tara, or Mahakala to remove from you the energies that have entered and harmed you.

Judeo-Christian modalities suggest to invoke Archangel Michael to remove the energetic intrusions.There are many Mantras from the Tibetan or Hindu domaines that will clear negativity.

Many solutions exist. And we teach those in our workshops, no kidding!


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