A Journey In Consciousness

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Art of Seeing

To see another person exactly for who s/he is, is extremely difficult without the cultivation of an awareness that goes beyond the fluctuations of your mind.

There are many unconscious programs running our daily reality that will highjack our processess of perception and that will dictate to project an image upon what we see.

The projections are based upon our likes and dislikes, and unless we become conscious of the roots of our likes and dislikes and bring silence and calmness into our being, we will not see clearly.Only when our consciousness becomess still, can we see clearly.

This compares to the waves upon a lake. Whatever you see reflected is distorted by the waves. Only when the water is perfectly still will we see the excact reflection upon its surface.

If we have found the ways and means to cultivate this kind of inner stillness, we have found something more precious than gold and diamonds.

© 2007 Andreas Mamet


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