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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The role of the intellect

A smart intellect knows how to justify its continuing operation in the climate of existential ignorance in such a way that it actually looks good. Thus suffering will continue through the weakness of self-righteousness. In fact is such a case suffering will increase, possibly on the physical, mental or emotional level or combinations thereof until a bursting point is reached.

This bursting point can be a breakdown or a breakthrough, depending on the inclinations of the individual. Breakdowns can bring about the entering into states of depression to a point one might say, here is a broken person. Or the breakdowns can unleash massive waves of anger, which can express in various modes and degrees.

In case of a breakthrough the soul will assert itself to a point where it takes charge of the intellect. It takes control away from the ego. From here on the intellect acquires the role of servant to the soul, which from a more expanded existential “point” of view it was meant to be.

Now the intellect becomes an agent on behalf of the oneness and harmony of life. It no more works for and perpetuates ego, separation, fear of insufficiencies and consequent conflict.


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