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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Back in Menton 2

This thing about stepping out into the garden and picking your breakfast has some heavenly feeling to it and I am still getting used to it. The tangerines are sweet and equally heavenly. The casualness of it seems amazing and I realize that the exoticness of a place has much to do with the feeling of separation and distance from it. If one begins living in a very exotic area, after a while the exotic feeling fades and it becomes ... well, normal.

Here we meet people all the time who feel wowed by the fact that we come from Mount Shasta, California. For them THAT is exotic and of course, after living there for almost 20 years, one hardly shares the feeling.

This morning we took a long walk along the sea and we walked all the way into Italy, which takes about 10 minutes since Menton is the last town at the French riviera before Italy. We are currently in vacation mode and will have time to rejuvenate before the workshops and this feels really lovely.


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