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Friday, November 30, 2007


The event of experiencing Samadhi takes place upon the grounds of many things coming together. Many things … have to be right. The effort must be hot, the techniques must right, the environment must be right, the support must be there. The odds are in favor of the experience … not happening. Nevertheless, against all odds it is possible.

To engage in the effort to actually create a situation where OTHER people can also experience this, the odds get even worse for a person who knows the taste of Samadhi.

Now, one has to find the Tongue of Angels. One has to find modes of communication so precise, so engaging and inspiring that one breaks through the audience’s general inability to listen.

This is the first hurdle. People in general are deaf, not physically, but psychologically and spiritually. One can talk about Samadhi, but to find true listening is not easy.

Then, one truly has to turn the listener into a practitioner. When I started my spiritual journey, I reached practice levels of 3 hours a day within 12 months. Throughout the rest of the day, I practiced quietly inside. For that reason, and the above mentioned, the first Samadhi experience took place after 3 years.

If one cannot … first open the mode of soul listening and then also fails to inspire the potential student to start sincere and red-hot practicing, then nothing will happen.

For that reason we find ourselves sifting through high numbers of people, only to end up with the few. Of those that remain, a still smaller number reaches the mode that I am describing. Only a short while I asked myself if it will happen to the people we are working with....

In Paris we are teaching a small group that I consider the core group. That group actually is a closed group, meaning that nobody else is allowed access. In a way, it is like a secret group because we are protecting the process. We have worked with this group for almost 18 months (-while simultaneously working with other, newer groups.) What is special here … is the presence of listening. If I say, practice this technique for such and such time over 40 days, it is done. Nobody in the group argues with the instruction or ignores it.

Now, 18 months later, the first signs of extremely deep openings are arisng. I look at this and find myself experiencing a gratitude that I cannot even express. The work is flowering. I must say THANK YOU to the Universe. THANK YOU.


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