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Friday, December 14, 2007

Money - The Final Frontier

Money is the final frontier for the mind. In order to reach that inner space wherein we generate compassion to a point where we are ready to give away money to alleviate suffering, a long distance has to be traveled. One might need to enter a spaceship to reach there as the common mind environment will not favor such action. Which is why such action does not happen very often and that is .... the way of the common mind.

In the ancient days of Israel, tithing was an important part of the society, not just because it represented compassion in action, but also because it was believed that tithing supported the flow of money coming to the giver. So, to keep protecting one's interests, one gave away 10% of one's income to where money would meet a genuine human need.

Money is the most powerful outer force on the planet. It will build or destroy entire countries, create an oasis in a desert, change despair into hope, and restore dignity where there was none. Hence the distribution of money needs to be included into the network of compassion in some fashion or other. Its power to alleviate suffering is immense.

It is the ability to utilise money as a vehicle for compassion that is part of the Noble Mind.


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