A Journey In Consciousness

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The body of a spiritual teaching too exists as a communication modality on a certain frequency and just as radio signals are sent into the world, so is a spiritual teaching emitted into the world. One single radio station is capable of sending the signal to millions of receivers. However, only if the receivers are tuned to the exact frequency will the message be received.

So, if I say that on Sunday 7 PM there will be a very important message on 101 FM, you must be tuned. If you are not tuned to the frequency, for all practical purposes, whatever transpires on that frequency is utterly non-existent to you. Therefore, the absence of experience is mistaken for reality. This compares to a blind man insisting that there exists no light – he mistakes his incapacity for objective reality. (On a footnote, physicists have discovered that the spectrum of light is tremendously broader than our human eyes are capable of perceiving.)

To become available to the reality of the soul, we require to shift our life and expand the spectrum of our perception. To do this requires effort, beginning with the recognition for the need to tune to a different frequency than the one we are on.

So if you feel this rings true and I have caught your attention --- stay tuned!


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