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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Soul Codes

Mostly the soul exists surrounded by the vault of the ego-mind structure. This ego-mind structure has a code, a password. For the one who finds this access code, the door opens and soul-to-soul communication arises.

The code to give access to another soul can be a single sentence or a word. Maybe it is just a glance or a gesture at the exact right time and the right way. But to find these access codes one must fall into the center of one’s own being. Only there can these access codes for other souls be found.

A great example for this exists in the life of Gotama Buddha. One day Gotama held up a flower in front of many of his disciples… and Mahakashyapa suddenly smiled.

What happened? The simple act of holding up a flower at that precise moment in time caused a massive shift in Mahakashyapa’s reality. This moment in Buddhist scriptures is considered to be the transmission of enlightenment from Gotama Buddha to Mahakashyapa.

Later, Ananda, one of the closest disciples of Gotama supposedly had the following exchange with Mahakashyapa:

Ananda: “Did the World-Honored one pass on anything else besides the gold brocade robe?”

Mahakashyapa shouted, “Ananda!”

Ananada said, “Yes?”

Mahakashyapa said, “Knock over the flagpole in front of the gate.” And Ananda experienced great enlightenment.

These are examples of access codes being used to cause radical shifts in consciousness.


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