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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Story of Snow White

The Story of Snow White
Rewritten by Raylene Abbott

Once upon a time Snow White sat upon her wishing well. Her face was white as snow. Her lips had a ruby glow and her hair was black as coal. You see, Snow White wasn’t that young any more. She had already been awakened by Prince Charming from her slumber. She had received the Kiss of Consciousness and had been looking into the Mirror of Knowing and found herself in all of her life’s experiences.

She had even passed through her initiations with the cruel Queen and her magic mirror and had transformed her negative emotional experiences into wisdom discernment. Snow White knew how to draw deep from the Wishing Well, the Divine Source of her own Being. She realized that she was an eternal being, living in the Class Room of Life.

Snow White even realized that she had been the creator of even the hardships she endured in life. She had learned to watch her thoughts and choose wisely what she believes to be true, since the thoughts we believes in are what creates our reality. She saw this life and its temporary experiences as ever-changing. You see, Snow White in reality was the Triple Goddess of Matter. Her snow white skin was the purity of thought and intention. This was the first bud of creation, known as the Virgin aspect. Snow White’s ruby red lips are the full flowering of creation known by some as the maiden. Her dark hair was the destructive aspect of creation when the soul outgrows its creation and needs to change form in the creation process to experience new growth in the soul’s journey. This ever-changing projection of reality was experienced by Snow White as she observed her own thoughts and emotional processes as she made choices in her thought processes and life experiences.

Snow White had made many realizations upon her soul’s journey. She became so rich with realizations, she wanted to go out into the world and share her understanding with others. Snow White was excited to share what she had learnt. So the first thing she did was go to a little cottage in the woods. This was the home of the seven dwarfs.

When Snow White walked into the cottage everything was in disarray. The dwarfs had not cleaned their house for a long time. Everything was full of dust. Snow White was happy to help the dwarfs to do a little house cleaning.

But suddenly the door opened and all seven dwarfs walked into the cottage. They gathered around Snow White. They were in awe of the Beauty of her Soul. Snow White thought this is a good time to teach the dwarfs about the Laws of Cosmic Creation. I want to share with the dwarfs how to draw from the deep well of their own being.

The dwarfs encircled Snow White and she began to teach. She explained we all have a deep source inside our own hearts. This well was so deep and vast that when one touches this place inside of oneself, everything becomes still and silent. We feel like we have come home and we feel at Peace. Our thoughts stop. She explained that this happened to her when Prince Charming kissed her. She woke up from her deep sleep and came into Union with her own Soul.

She also went on to explain about the process of Creation and how important it was to clean the dust from our minds and begin to consciously create with pure intention, rather then create unconsciously. Snow White pointed out how the discord in this world was a manifestation of unconscious creation. The discord had become so great that it was now affecting even the Laws of Nature and Mother Nature’s Creation. You see, Snow White loved nature and had experienced the secrets of Mother Nature, the animals and plants. She understood that both Comic Law and Natures Law worked together.

It was time for the Seven Dwarfs to awaken in their consciousness. The dwarfs stood in line in front of Snow White and she kissed each Dwarf to awaken their consciousness. The experiences were absolutely exhilarating. Snow White’s kiss was like a shower of sparkling light that swept through the minds of the dwarfs. Each dwarf experienced the Kiss of Consciousness differently. Some of the dwarfs felt deep peace. Another dwarf felt intense energy moving through his body, clearing away emotions and negative thoughts of the past. One dwarf began to have visions of celestial beings who were the teachers of Snow White. The Kiss of Consciousness made the dwarfs feel in Unity with everyone and everything.

Snow White now explained that to hold the Kiss of Consciousness was hard work. That each dwarf needed to clean up his own thoughts and the emotional process of creation. She emphasized how important it was to clean the dust from our minds and create positively with our thoughts daily. And she continued to explain that it was not Snow White’s job to clean up the house of the dwarfs all the time, but that they had to do their own house cleaning. Snow White loved to help them, but it was better to teach them to how to clean than her cleaning up their mess for them.

The Kiss of Consciousness was a precious gift and each dwarf needed to protect and guard this treasure of the soul. Time went by and Snow White began to have problems with the dwarfs. The gift of the Kiss of Consciousness began to grow dimmer because some of the dwarfs began to forget the instructions that Snow White had given them.

Dopey (Simplet) was not wise enough to listen to the teachings of Snow White. Grumpy (Grincheux) was so negative in his own thought process, he had become attached to his negative way of thinking. He could not see how to stop the downward spiral of his negative thoughts. Sleepy (Dormeur) just refused to wake up in consciousness - it was much easier for him to sleep through the process. Bashful (Timide) did not have the courage to face his emotional baggage, so he stops the process of awakening. Sneezy (Atchoum) had become so ill through his own life's suffering that Snow White needed to heal him before he could receive the Kiss of Consciousness. Snow White hoped that he could receive the teachings after he was healed. Doc (who is called Professor in French) was so smart that he thought he knew it all. His cup was so full of knowing that he could not receive the teachings.

But last and surely not least was Happy (Joyeux). Happy experienced the Kiss of Consciousness and applied the teachings of Snow White. He took responsibility to clean his own house. He did his spiritual practice and cleared his emotions and was mindful of his process. Happy even began to have his own experiences with the Kiss of Consciousness. Happy dug deep into the cavern of his own soul and began to find diamonds and jewels of realization. This made Snow White also very happy.

Happy came back from the Cavern of His Soul one day and began to show the other 6 dwarfs about the spiritual jewels he had found in Snow Whites Teachings. All the dwarfs began to get excited again. They began to remember the gift Snow White had given them - the Kiss of Consciousness.

They all picked up their shovels and picks and began to sing: .”Hi Ho, Hi Ho and off to work we go...”

All the dwarfs began to do their spiritual practice and everyone lived happily ever after.

The End


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