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Monday, January 14, 2008

Mystery School France

The Mystery School France has opened its gates. The goals of the School are to contribute Soul Technology to bring to individual students

* Upliftment in the way of the quality of living

* Ways for erasing obstacles in one's life


I have chosen this particular sequence of explaining the goals of the school because often it is necessary to bring assistance to the particular circumstances in the life of students simply because there is suffering due to lack or obstacles. This suffering must be adressed, it is an existential imperative. However, the central goal is to initiate a process of Awakening In Consciousness

The School is meeting now for weekly classes and weekend workshops near Menton, in Mouans Sartoux. For the detailed schedule, please see http://lamoursacre.tripod.com

The participation is currently growing quickly, to my pleasant surprise. While everybody is welcome, we realize that not everybody is suited for this work. The longing for awakening is a special feature that not every soul displays.


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