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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Concept of Divine Wrath and The Wrathful Deities

In Asia the Concept of the wrathful deities is well known and understood. We have here beings that are terrifiying to look at, but they are not evil by nature, rather, their existential purpose is to defy and conquer evil, just as Durga's in-built purpose is that... (while she still looks a bit more beautiful.)

They represent Divine Wrath as a way of bringing a full stop to events that may have gone on long enough and now it is time to stop. Divine Wrath brings irrevocable termination to things that are corrupt, dishonest, abusive, and evil. When Jesus was able to single-handedly deal with an entire group of money changers at the temple and could not be stopped --- that is Divine Wrath in full action.

When I was in Japan, my old friend Rikuro Miyai showed me Mount Takao, outside Tokyo. He said I would love it because the entire temple was surrounded by fiery Buddhas. Buddhas that carried weapons and basically were not the peaceful figures one might be used to. The Warrior Buddhas. The Dharmapalas. Since they are designed to be victorious over evil domains, they look truly terrifying and are equipped with everything needed to do the job....

The distinction within Tibetan Buddhism between the peaceful deities and the wrathful ones --- is significant, because you cannot dedicate your time to peaceful meditation and action if your house is under attack. So, when your house is under attack, you call in the Warrior Buddhas, or Warrior Angels, if your orientation lies with the Angels. You call Vajrakila, Durga, or Archangel Michael and you do it in an intesity that is so strong that it will electrify the very air you walk in and by doing so... you become a Spiritual Warrior, bringing to this planet a quality that is so very needed in our current time: The ability to emanate a powerful, very potent and effective NO to that which destroys the beauty and the goodness that is underlying all of humanity and all life on this very planet.

I invite you to activate within you exactly this very quality. I invite you to become a Spiritual Warrior.


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