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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Being in the pressure cooker

In 1976 I entered the extremely high-powered energy field of Osho and his teachings and for 5 years lived there (in India). The effort of meditation, both personal and collective, was enormous. Consequently, the electric atmosphere of this field was incredibly intense and it brought to the surface many of my personal immaturities and weaknesses, the parts about me I liked the least. It took me a while to recognize this and my initial reaction to this revelatory process was to blame others, point fingers and refuse to be responsible and accountable for my personal weaknesses and actions. I

I realize my entire life was flung into a huge pressure cooker. The heat was on and everything functioned as giant mirror, for me to see the totality of both my human and divine nature. More than once I found this process nearly unbearable and painful. Many life situations arose that mirrored back to me the places where I needed to grow most. These became the points of greatest resistance, where in general one would say, this is not me! It's just YOU WHO MADE ME DO IT!

During the process of the soul flying to the Light it is required to leave behind patterns and programs of behavior that are not in alignment with and unacceptable to Divine Presence. This process of separating the wheat from the chaff, of separating the dross from the gold, is difficult at best and painful at worst, but it is unavoidable.

This process happens to us daily anyway, but if we enter and Energy Field where profound, substantial teachings are active, then this process is accelerated greatly.

And, this process never really stops as long as we are on the human plane.


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