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Friday, May 08, 2009

What Is Osho Doing These Days?

For those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce
myself. In the early 70s I was struck by the lightning of
soul inquiry that set free within myself an all-consuming
longing to enter upon the journey that I hoped would lead me
close to the Face of God, or at least into close proximity.
I entered the stream of the ancient yogis and mystics.

I started a life of intense discipline and deep practices
of meditation, which soon became the center of my life. In
1975 I went to the Himalayas to practice even more and deeper. In 1976 I had a dream that catapulted me straight into the school of Osho, then called Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. There, (Poona, India) I lived for 5 years until 1981.

During that time I meditated an average of 5 hours daily
and entered innumerable intensives and retreats, where
working on oneself took place full-time, 10-12 hours a

The result of this contact with a man whom I recognized as
a living Buddha was a long string of explosions of
consciousness, of Samadhi experiences, that changed me
forever. There were many Darshans with Bhagwan that expanded my consciousness in ways hard to put into words. Darshan is
a Sanskrit work that means, “being in the presence of the

However, this term has various implications that need to be
understood. The word has outer, inner and secret meaning.
For example, one can be in the outer, physical presence of
the Divine (such as being with a living Buddha) and feel
nothing, because of lack of sensitivity. We feel nothing and
therefore miss completely one of the most amazing gifts the
Universe could present us.

But if we are in the outer presence of a living Buddha AND
also feel the Divine Presence due to our sensitivity, then
we feel the Divine within us. Now we have INNER DARSHAN. A
transmission is taking place. That’s what matters – the

Once a relationship with a living Buddha has been
established, these transmissions can continue and they can
do so beyond death.

A real Darshan is inner and secret and therefore can take
place in utterly unusual circumstances. Real Darshan is the
transmission of Samadhi through the grace of a master,
someone whose consciousness is as far away from you as a
satellite from earth, but who can beam a massive
divine laser ray into you to explode your consciousness.
Bhagwan has done exactly that in my life innumerable times.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) died in 1990 and here is the
fantastic news: He continues to beam his awareness-bestowing
rays of light into those who have opened themselves and
created receptivity by virtue of continuing to work upon
themselves. He has not left the planet, merely his body.

In one of the transmissions I have experienced with him in
recent times I saw him stand before me. He sent tremendous
beams of light into me that caused huge explosions of light
and consciousness within my being. Indescribable. However,
he was not alone. I saw two or three other beings next to
him, assisting him in the process of transmission.

Long after his body is dead and gone --- he continues to
shower, bless and be available to those who long to awaken.

It is as he said one day during a lecture: “No Buddha
Ever Dies.” And that’s the great news for today.

Menton, France


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