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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The awakened mind

I have observed that it is intrinsically in the nature of communication between Bodhichitta, the awakened mind, and the unawakened mind, to be offensive to the unawakened mind. That is simply because the basic message of the awakened mind is: You are asleep. Wake up.

This is a corrective statement, designed to engender a shift. Even if this message is presented with all the diplomatic acrobatics available, it is still offensive to the mind that does not want to experience the invitation, the nudge, the correction and wants to continue to snooze.

It is bound to say, who the heck to do you think you are???

Which is precisely why quite a few of the Awakened Beings, the Buddhas, got treated with a lot of disrespect, at best, and killed at worst. History is full of the violence that the unawakened mind showered upon those who attempted to speak in the language of Universal Awakening.
The awakened mind is a nuisance.


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