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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Appreciating and honoring Neil Cohen

I wish to use this moment to state my deep appreciation of Neil Cohen. His dedication to the Dharma is awe-inspiring and his personal practices and efforts of cultivation have brought him to very substantial levels of realization. (Mostly unrecognized where he lives) More than once I have seen his compassion in action in a way that makes me wish there are more people on the planet like him. In fact, there were tmes when I was personally deeply affected and helped by it.

His work with exploring the dimension of the heart and bringing it to a tangible experience is a gem in the world of Dharma Teaching and equally still vastly unrecognized, as is the depth of his wisdom. His Dharma Prison Service is amazing and the generosity he expresses through sending solar flashlights and other gifts all over the planet has LITERALLY saved lives! I am hopeful that this statement sends him into complete embarrassment, I would like to see his face turn beet-red.

Those of you who know me, I am a person who will quickly challenge lofty expressions of consciousness to find if they have substance, and I am truly difficult to please. So, if it holds in my view, if it passes the iron-clad standards to which I hold myself, I will say, here is great substance. And wherever there is great spiritual substance, it should be honored, because it is rare and precious. So, Neil - I am honoring you today.

And to the Mt. Shasta people who read this, give him a hug from Andreas when you see him at Berryvale or the Postoffice (where you are bound to see him, because he sends his Dharma Gifts out every day).



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