A Journey In Consciousness

Monday, June 15, 2009

Transmission ( Story by Andreas Mamet)

The old monk has taken David to a small temple in the middle of New York City.
They sit in front of a Buddha statue.

David: "What does it mean to be free from all illusions and to know one’s true nature?"

The old monk: "Only when you experience it will you truly understand. Until then, words and intellect can join to play a deceptive game with you. It is best to avoid, you know. But maybe we can catch a glimpse."

Unexpectedly the old monk leans over and gently touches David’s left temple.

Instantly David hears the powerful sounds of ocean waves. He feels disoriented and dizzy. The sudden impact of change unfolds like a spell. David’s body becomes perfectly motionlessness.

His breathing is slowing down to almost standstill. There is not a ripple of thought in him at all.

Peace has arisen like an indestructible powerful fortress. His being is shockingly vast. It consists of many aspects that playfully interblend. It is a breath-taking translucence, woven into a deeply felt sense of fulfillment. Simultaneously it is aliveness so strong, it could be compared to the powerful presence of a high-voltage current. It is also joyfulness beyond words. And there is the unexplainable essence of knowing, unrelated to any object. All this and more had come to unfold in him...

A sound like thunder impacts. The vastness is beginning to contract again. It is as if a strong, invisible force is confining his consciousness again to fit into his body. He opens his eyes.

The old monk: "Have a cup of tea." He points to a beautiful bowl placed before him.
"Quite a journey, huh?"

David does not reply. His being is imbued with a tremendously powerful essence. He feels changed. His usually active mind is quiet. Silence surrounds him now like a sweet fragrance.

It was clear that the old monk had transferred to him a gift from his compassion-filled soul. An overwhelming sense of gratitude is arising in David.

David: "How can I thank you for this?"

The old monk: "There is no need to thank me now. Just remember what's been given to you and one day share your heart's song with others. In that sharing your gratitude will be expressed best. Never forget the compassion of the ones who help you."

The old monk emphasizes this with a cheerful smile.

David: "I will remember, I promise."

The old monk: "That's good. Now let’s go.”

They get up and leave the temple.


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