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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Currents of our time

Several years ago I wrote a piece that suggested that wealthy people should bypass political leaders and form roundtables and use collective resources and brainpower to address and alleviate global poverty. I said this was the compassionate thing to do. I also presented a synthesis of my observations of socio-political currents by stating that an assault on wealth was beginning to form. I said that for wealthy people to go and DO SOMETHING was not just the compassionate thing to do, but also smart and possibly pre-emptive, as poor people would not come and burn down their houses.

I know that my summary and conclusion of currents was definitely most inconvenient to some and probably laughed at as ridiculous by others, because at the time, everything was seemingly quiet and my predictions appeared totally out of touch and inappropriate.

Fast forward from then to now. We have Porsches and BMWs set on fire in Berlin, we have US citizens protest in front of the homes of bankers and CEOs for taking million dollar bonuses as reward for failure and the rage that I was talking about is unleashing with unparalleled fury in London at the G20 meeting.

What I am saying today is that the currents that I foresaw will become still stronger with the growing discomfort in the lives of more and more people, and that the need for wealth to kick into global action is not just the compassionate thing to do, but is increasingly also the most self-protective thing to do.

Let us talk again about this in 12 months.

PS: Meanwhile, to have all your money in one bank is a mistake. Have 4 or 5 bank accounts, have gold and silver, and have several places to keep cash.


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