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Monday, March 30, 2009


Mankind lives in a dilemma. It is because we exist as multidimensional beings, we are faced with constant choices. Decisions need to be made and the question arises as to where the decisions should made from. From which of the dimensions we have access to shall we decide the course of our life. If we are not aware that we have multiple choices available to us, things are easy.

As I have mentioned before, we carry inside our bodies 7 chakras that represent access gates to dimensions that could comprise the Mandala of our life, presumed we know about those dimensions and we elect to enter them.

But basically, those 7 chakras exist in two major categories, chakras 1 to 3, which govern survival, sex and power, and chakras 4 to 7, which connect with Divine Purpose, Love and Wisdom. Chakras 4 to 7 are about our soul essence and functioning totally in harmony with our Divine Roots, while 1 to 3 deal with our human desires that are based upon the core belief of separation. Here we want to get the feeling of satisfaction and superiority by owning, pleasure and exercising domination, all of which designed to give us the kind of feeding that allows us to feel valuable and powerful, the more the better.

Whatever choices we make in life, they are centered somewhere and if we do not generate reflective awareness, we do not usually spend time on tracking the roots and deepest motivations of our actions.

Let us imagine the life of a successful investor. For years his activities have been on target and his decisions led him to become a billionaire. The actuality of his wealth, fame and admiration by society for the success he built, have in fact become his existential center. He gains his emotional, psychic and material feeding from it. He is, for all practical purposes addicted to it.

Over a period of years there may have been many attempts of communication to come to him from the deeper realms of his soul, to perhaps shift some of his attention to areas that he had not explored – latent gifts and talents, which, if they were given space to flower, would benefit many others. Perhaps there is waiting a book to be written, an invention to be made. Or perhaps just entering a phase of meditation and prayer for the flowering of his own soul and gaining deeper wisdom. Or simply just spending real attentive quality time with loved ones.

But all those whispers of the soul (PLEASE LISTEN TO ME) that he may have received were shot down, because the occupation with money, fame and the perks that come along, was too important. There was too much of daily champagne without any apparent hangovers the next day. The experiences of power were too rewarding and too addictive.

When the soul is ignored on such a daily and steady level, it then is forced to engineer situations that have a more dramatic impact. The experiences that are now waiting are of high potency, with the sole aim to force attention upon the needs of soul and create disconnection from the artificial life center of money, power and fame: a big market crash, a sudden health issue that makes all other concerns seem irrelevant, a death in the family or a divorce. These are situations that are actually the soul’s attempt at remedy, rather than a punishment.

Therefore, in an attempt at pre-emptive measures, I am inviting all readers today to stop for a moment and enter into a dialogue with your soul. Close your eyes at the end of this piece and reflect. Ask your soul, what is it that you would like to see done? What projects would you like to start? What things should be accomplished? Where should attention be given and how?

Sit quietly and listen to your soul. Do it often.


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