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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have a dream


I have dream that we live in a world where compassion and kindness reign supreme.

I have a dream that generosity is the daily climate of our existence, where people naturally share, where hunger has become extinct, and illnesses due to lack of education and money have fled the planet, never to return.

I have a dream that the ignorance that causes us to believe we are separate from one another has lifted from our consciousness like fog in the morning sun.

I have a dream that our hearts have taken away control from our heads and begun to execute the wishes that arise from the deepest wisdom of our souls.

I have a dream that all fear and distrust between people have evaporated in the realization of our Divine Essence.

I have a dream that all human beings live in harmony, exuding greater sweetness than the sweetest flowers, their souls shining brighter than a thousand suns.

I have a dream…

Dedicated in fierce support to all human beings who keep trying to reach the impossible dream.


At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Tammie said...

Neil sent me your post.
I find it to be beautiful and profound. I would also like to experience your dream. May your dream come true!


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