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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soleil Levant is requesting your support

Soleil Levant is a non-profit association that was created as a platform for teachings that reflect the spirit of compassion.

The objective of those teachings is to address the human condition on all levels and to assist in the process of uplifting the quality of the life experience of the individual.

This is done by providing many tools that can bring positive improvement on many levels, including psychological, emotional and spiritual.

In recent years the work has been taking place in the US, France, Belgium and Japan (soon Germany) and also found expression through Raylene Abbott's second book, which was published in English, French, Italian and Japanese. Some of the mentioned techniques are listed in the book. Additionally the production of CDs has begun.

If you feel this work is of merit, the association is requesting your support.

The association accepts:

* Buildings for centers from which the work can be done, in the USA, France and Japan.

* Office equipment such as laptops and printers

* Monetary donations to support expenses

* Support to promote the teachings in the media

* A vehicle for travels

Soleil Levant thanks you for your kind support.


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