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Friday, February 20, 2009

The oneness thing

The naked reality of my journey is a fascinating combination of the utmost human, interblended with the sublimely divine. Traveling between those polarities in my daily life can be adventurous and also complicated.

When I mentioned before my experiences of deep meditation and with experiencing oneness, I was not poetic. It was factual and I realize the expression of my experiences may stretch the ability of imagination and acceptance.

The events of deep meditation, as they accumulate over time, can shift the daily life experience radically. At times I have gone deep inside, only to come into contact with other souls, and suddenly “know” something about their reality. To express those sudden and mysterious insights is not always a smooth thing, especially in the West. In Japan it might be easier for me to say to somebody, "I saw you in meditation and I saw an obstacle coming your way. Practice such and such Mantra, it will protect you." And I will be heeded quicker."

In the West, it is different. I have to circumnavigate resistance modalities and say, “Oh, it would be nice if you would do such and such practice, it would be good for you…” I have to learn the dance steps that allow me to convey my perceptions in a gentler way. In a flash I have shifted from the human modality to the soul modality. I myself continue to be surprised about the closeness of those modalities and their capacity to for swift change.

I recall one day when a man I was acquainted with walked by and I blurted out, “but why are you angry?” Upon which he exploded and shouted “how dare you know I am angry?”

This taught me a bit. To take insight into another person’s reality without being invited is potentially offensive.

So, in the middle of my human experience to have soul insight, is truly only acceptable in the context of love and the agreement of soul communication.

This deep meditation oneness thing … creates transparency. It makes us all naked and vulnerable. What I am learning here is to train myself to express the view of deeper realities in a way that is gentle and loving, rather than just presenting the fact of seeing things, which by itself can be cool and uncomfortable. And we all know what a challenge that is for red-headed Capricorns!


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