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Friday, February 06, 2009

Life and Death

During the process of deep meditation or prayer we are shown the mysteries of existence, of life and death. We are shown the living truth about this Universe and the truth of our relationship with it.

This process of revelation in my writings I have often described as shocking, because it contrasts so fiercely with what we are taught about life, proving those teachings to be highly erroneous once we discover the actuality, the true Nature of Life and the roles we assume therein.

We exist in a profound state of soul slumber until these revelations awaken our consciousness.

There is one dimension, however, that pretty much exactly reflects what happens in deep meditation and that is the dimension of Near Death Experiences.

In these events people have clinically died for several minutes, but then for some reason, came back to life and reported what they have experienced “on the other side”. I have researched some of these reports, and found a very striking similarity to what happens in deep meditation. The revelatory nature of both processes seems the same.

Therefore, I can say that the process of meditation represents a conscious and voluntary choice to take us straight into the mysteries of life and death and once we embrace this electrifying process, we have entered the awe-inspiring journey toward a freedom that is bound to bring us clear sight and that will bestow greatly expanded and liberating perspective for our lives.

In meditation and prayer we die every day. In that dying --- life is revealed for what it really is and in the luminous depth of that understanding, many choices evaporate.


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