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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Illusion

So what is this illusion and the consequent values upon which we base our lives that I mentioned ?

The Number One Illusion that we all suffer from is the illusion of separation. As we normally function, we are utterly rooted in the perception of separation and our actions, words and thoughts are based upon this perception. As we are in the midst of this perception, it feels absolutely real and we will fight to the death (and do) to maintain our view of separation.

Only extremely unusual circumstances are capable of breaking our view and belief in separation.

As we are firmly rooted in the midst of the view of separation, all things material feel extremely solid and we are not in touch with what is the substance that is at the core of everything we can see or touch….

To be anchored in this way of perceiving is to be anchored in what in Asia is called Maya. We are deluded and we cannot see the reality of existence.

Only a deep moment of love … or a deep moment of meditation is capable of breaking this spell.

Therefore, may this love and meditation come to us.


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