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Friday, January 30, 2009

Whispers of the Soul

When a human being is in pain and suffering, anybody in that position will accept an invitation that suggests the cessation of that suffering. It is common.

However, when we are okay and our life is fabulous to accept an invitation that suggests a journey into the experience of greater soul depth is another matter entirely. Now we say, “But everything is okay, what do I need this journey for?” Now, only a percent of a percent of persons in such situation may stop to reflect and allow themselves to explore the Intelligence of the Heart. It is this Intelligence that would prompt us to seek greater depth, that would whisper to us, “Search your soul, honey, search it with all you’ve got! Let everything arise from there!”

That whisper indeed is so soft, most of us cannot hear it.

It is for that reason that life has an in-built potential for sudden suffering, as it is this suffering that causes us to question the values upon which we build our lives. And in that questioning we gain receptivity to the Values of the Soul. And with that receptivity comes the possibility for change.

When everything is fabulous, we are too busy for the soul’s whispers, we say…. “Later, later…”

Later does not come, but Life has its ways to stop us and finally fling us into deeper reflecting and then there will be no arguing with those oceanic forces that make our limited, illusion-based values crumble like a house of cards.


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