A Journey In Consciousness

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Softening to Essence

Every moment we are surrounded by 360 degrees of choices for our words and actions. We can speak and act from our mind, from our emotions, or from our hearts and souls. We can speak and act from our shadow or from our Light. The choice is always and constantly ours.
To be able to make correct choices, we always have to be mindful of this and when being mindful, we are usually required to soften to the Essence of Our Heart and Soul and as we soften, we become able to permit the wisdom that resides deep within and by doing so we make way for an outcome that is beautiful to behold.

To choose our hearts and souls to determine our course in life is the most preferable and, at times, also the most difficult, but we can do it.

So let us start today.


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