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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winds of Change

So here I am in Menton, meditating all day long as I told you and promptly I am running into a bunch of words that keep poking me in the ribs and not leaving me alone. They threaten to continue this until I write them down. They promise to leave me once I put them on paper, or rather a computer screen.

For those of you who know my writings, you know I rarely ever say anything of a socio-political nature, unless it comes from an angle of consciousness, and unless you consider “Practice daily compassion in action” a socio-political statement, to be found here in just about every third post.

In September 2007 I wrote a tiny statement that broke with my “non-political” tradition and I said this: 2007, the year the American economy collapsed; 2008, the year it was noticed.

Today, I want to say one more thing along direct, socio-political lines.

We have now the first black president of the U.S.A. It is a historical event, a revolution of sorts. And I want to say, the Democrats rallying behind Obama ….. ---- big mistake!
Of course, right away, I am politically incorrect. Most of my friends voted for Obama and I was surprised. Everybody was drunk with Obama.

Here is my common sense analysis. Hillary would have been the right choice, because she has the greater experience and the greater smarts. Even people who don’t like the Clintons have to grudgingly admit they are capable. She would have been better for the country as such.

But here comes my real point. The USA is a nation with many pockets that are still inherently racist and, as a nation it is simply not ready for a black president. I am saying this from remembering how it felt driving through Alabama and such-like places. Scary.

What we are going to see is an unprecedented development of polarization in the US like we have never seen before. We will see a war of emotions that will be triggered in many places, situations and circumstances. There will be republicans against democrats, racist people (of all colors) against tolerant people (of all colors) and poor people against rich people. There will be millions of lost jobs, this takes no rocket scientist to see by now and the reaction of the suddenly and painfully poor people toward the corporate elite, upon greater discovery of their corrupt and amazingly self-absorbed state of mind --- will be vehement!

This I see coming, and remember, from what you see on these pages, I am an almost nauseatingly positive person. So, I am saying this only once. Great winds of change are coming. If you believe that you live in a special bubble because you have money, power or live in Mount Shasta and that will keep you unaffected and protected --- then dream on.


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