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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Workshop in New Jersey in November 2008

How to Erase the Obstacles in One’s Life
& Manifest the Life of Your Dreams
A 2 day workshop
with Raylene Abbott & Andreas Mamet
November 15 and 16, 10 A.M to 6 P.M.
Intro Thursday, Nov. 13, 7 P.M
Contact Alana DuBois for more information
In this workshop we will be introducing contemporary techniques that have their roots in ancient traditions. When these techniques are applied they have the power to transform your life and bring you to a deeper connection with your true essence. When you are connected with your true essence then you are able to clarify your goals, remove your obstacles and begin to create the life that is in harmony with your soul purpose.
We will be sharing:
The Power of Invocation
Invocation is a way of calling the Divine in his/her different manifestations. We will learn the spiritual laws of invocation and will be introduced to different manifestations of the Divine that can change one’s life circumstances.
Invocation can be very useful when you find yourself stuck and need your circumstances to change in the right direction. We use different names of the Divine from many different religious traditions.
Here we learn the chanting of the Sacred Names of God/dess. Every religion has Divine Names used to express longing and devotion to the Divine. We will explore different types of chanting to calm the mind, open the heart and heal ourselves on the deepest levels. Sacred Sound can bring one in direct contact with the Holy of Holies. When done daily, this practice has the power of changing the DNA to positive re-patterning.
Here we share with the group the power of Hands-on-Healing and invocations. When the power of healing hands and invocations are combined, life, as you know it, can truly be rearranged into circumstances that bring you to a deeper spiritual experience and fulfillment. We will be sharing and teaching how to combine the two techniques together. Those of you who have experiences in Reki can bring your practice to the next level. .
Both days:
Prepaid: $350
At the door $400
One Day:
Prepaid: $200
At the door: $250
Intro: $25
HEALTH-CHOICES170 Township Line Rd. Bldg. B / 2nd floor / Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Testimonials after the workshop with Raylene and Andreas in Paris, France

I was deeply touched by the work on the divine couple. The workshop was rich in discoveries. A part of me had been waiting for that for a long time. Thank you so much.

After Raylene talked, my anger started to vanish, which allowed me to talk to my partner though communication had been very bad between us for 2 or 3 weeks. The lessening of my anger is not commonplace in my life. It is something extraordinary and unexpected. It is a great gift. THANK YOU.
Marie-Noëlle, Belgium

I didn’t expect to find so much love, respect, unity, pleasure and friendship. I feel transformed, as if I had found a treasury in this blend of love - love of the Divine, of human kind, of nature and of animals. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Monique, France

Thank you for these 3 magical days. I liked the meditations, the healing exercise and generally speaking the teachings. I experienced unity with the group. Thank you to Raylene and Andreas whom I really enjoyed meeting.

It was great! I’m happy, I’m shaken, well shaken. I feel like a Shakti, I’m one shamanka (dancing shaman). I feel it in all my cells. I’m love. Thanks for all.
Solange, France

I was so happy to meet you. It was my dream. I think it was my best Christmas gift of my life at this time. Thank you for your presence, your teaching and your love. Thank you to be here.
Laurence, France

Testimonials after workshops in Tokyo, Japan

Raylene & Andreas are so great. I believe I received a tremendous amount of good energy from them. I would like to practice some mantra they recommended for me.

I would like to build a good relationship like Raylene & Andreas.Through this workshop, I realized that I was chosing the same pattern of relationship and losing confidence.I read Raylene's book and I wanted to meet Raylene & Andreas since then. Their workshop was more than I expected. Thank you very much.

I was very impressed with their deep love. Also impressed with their knowledge from experiences and study. Their workshop was very powerful and also very practical that everybody can learn.Thank you very much.

Through their 2-day workshop, I learned that it is very important to release negative emotion if you would like to makea good relationship with your partner.I attended this workshop to release old pain when my partner passed on and now I am ready to start the another chapter of my life. I am so glad that I met Raylene & Andreas one week before my birthday. This is a good timing to start my new life!!I I finally found something I really need.

I was very impressed with Raylene's speech at the Valentine's event. And that made me sign up for the workshop!! Their teaching was very powerful & very practical that everybody can try. I had a great time at their workshop.

I was very impressed with their deep knowledge of mantra.I hope they will come back again for workshop and learn more from them.


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