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Friday, August 08, 2008

From Java to Bali

On the last day in Yogyakarta on Java, Raylene and Catherine went out and bought 10 Euros worth of food (which goes a very long way here) and left it behind as an offering next to the bus station a few minutes from our house. I was not there, but I understand it created a party and many smiling faces.

Then we took a car to the airport and flew to Denpasar on Bali, which took about an hour. The energy here on Bali is very different. Much .... softer in a way. We are in Ubud now, which is 90 minutes from Denpasar and higher up in the hills, much cooler than Denpasar.

We are receving various emails, particularly in response to our way of experiencing Borobudur. Thank you for your appreciation. We hope to be able to share in ever deepening ways the continuing expansion that is happening to us and our friends and those close to us.


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