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Friday, July 25, 2008

Arrived in Indonesia

After a 12 hour flight we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, changed planes to Jakarta, changed planes to Yogyakarta and are now here. Even though we are here less than a week, the feeling of already being here for weeks is rather strong, indicating a shift in the psychological time that one can experience in different areas of the world.

Yogyakarta is a huge city, a melting pot on Java. The city is huge, but we are currently living rather secluded in a house in a very enjoyable setting, rented for an amount of money shockingly low for western standards.

We have seen the Ballet of the Ramayana two days ago, a display of amazing movement and beauty of the Indonesian dancers. The performance took place at night, with Pranambam Temple as the backdrop, see above.

The people here are both very soft and gentle but simultaneously tough in the way they deal with survival and the difficulties of life here. (The average income here is 20 euros per month.)

We have received a large number of invocation requests for our trip to Borobudur, which will take place next Tuesday or Wednesday.


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