A Journey In Consciousness

Thursday, July 17, 2008


The workshops we give are not really workshops. They are a platform upon which 35 years of training, of practice, of searching and finding are conveyed. Both Raylene and I work on this platform with the goal of letting this platform become a portal into existential experience.

The Central Theme of the work is the Power of the Word and the many angles from which this power can be accessed, not only to diminish one's suffering, uplift the quality of one's life, but also to meet what resides at the center of the very specified practices that invoke the Power of the Word: The Silence that exists beyond the movements of the mind.

No spiritual teacher has all the answers, even though some may come fairly close to it, according to my experience. Therefore, the teachings presented in our workshops are the distilled essence of 35 years of discerning what works and what does not. The teachings presented here are rather unique in the sense that they have passed through this process of distilling and cleaning out the cobwebs.

These practices ... are what we practice. Our delight is to see growing numbers of people joining this work and benefiting from it. That is our biggest reward.


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