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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Protocol for Borobudur

Using correct protocol for Borobudur, time spent there can become a most powerful portal into deep meditation. Borobudur's architectural design represents a Yantra, the geometrical respresentation of the evolution of consciousness from the realms of deepest delusion upto full awakening.

As we entered, I chose to focus on a sentence that represented a question from me to the Divine. I repeated this all the way to the edge of the Temple.

Then we walked up to the top of the Temple, direct, which took only about 3 minutes. Then we settled down and Raylene and Catherine started singing the Heart Sutra, quietly, and I joined. After a while we paused.

Sitting quietly, after maybe 5 minutes a very deep Silence arose. The Silence was inexpressibly profound and was felt in sharp contrast to the surrounding tourists and their talk. (Surprisingly there were not many people there.)

Then we began our invocations to the Buddhas. We had a rather long list of people and going through it took about 1 hour to complete between the three of us.

It was clear that after that time everyone of our small group felt and experienced the deep Grace of Silence

Utilzing a meditative protocol, I recommend coming here. There are hundreds of Buddha Statues here, most of which you cannot directly see, since they are inside stupas, the bell-like structures which you see on the pictures. And there are innumerable carvings of Buddhas etched into the walls of the temple.


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