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Monday, September 01, 2008

Workshop, in Hillborough, NJ

How to Erase the Obstacles in One’s Life
& Manifest the Life of Your Dreams
A 2 day workshop
with Raylene Abbott & Andreas Mamet
November 15 and 16, 10 A.M to 6 P.M.
Intro Thursday, Nov. 13, 7 P.M
Contact Alana DuBois for more information

In this workshop we will be introducing contemporary techniques that have their roots in ancient traditions. When these techniques are applied they have the power to transform your life and bring you to a deeper connection with your true essence. When you are connected with your true essence then you are able to clarify your goals, remove your obstacles and begin to create the life that is in harmony with your soul purpose.

We will be sharing:

The Power of Invocation
Invocation is a way of calling the Divine in his/her different manifestations. We will learn the spiritual laws of invocation and will be introduced to different manifestations of the Divine that can change one’s life circumstances. Invocation can be very useful when you find yourself stuck and need your circumstances to change in the right direction. We use different names of the Divine from many different religious traditions.

Here we learn the chanting of the Sacred Names of God/dess. Every religion has Divine Names used to express longing and devotion to the Divine. We will explore different types of chanting to calm the mind, open the heart and heal ourselves on the deepest levels. Sacred Sound can bring one in direct contact with the Holy of Holies. When done daily, this practice has the power of changing the DNA to positive re-patterning.

Here we share with the group the power of Hands-on-Healing and invocations. When the power of healing hands and invocations are combined, life, as you know it, can truly be rearranged into circumstances that bring you to a deeper spiritual experience and fulfillment. We will be sharing and teaching how to combine the two techniques together. Those of you who have experiences in Reki can bring your practice to the next level.
Prepaid: $350
At the door $400
170 Township Line Rd. Bldg. B / 2nd floor / Hillsborough, NJ 08844


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