A Journey In Consciousness

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Agony and Ecstacy

Emotional and pychological pain represents an energy, which, if it reaches a point of critical mass, can function as a force that will pierce the veil of duality and reveal to us the true nature of our soul reality. This explains why some people who have great realization have some intense suffering in their history.

The same thing, however, can also be said about joy. When joy increases, it becomes ecstacy and when ecstacy reaches critical mass, it also pierces the veil in the same way. In both cases, agony and ecstacy simply concentrate and become the spontaneous presence of a one pointed focus, comparable to a laser beam. That laser like presence ... breaks the veil and self arising insight is the natural consequence.

Therefore, the only thing we should truly fear are the shallow waters between those polarities, since it is there where we may remain stuck forever: Lukewarm pleasure and lukewarm discomfort.


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