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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Going Beyond Limitations

Most modalities of the spiritual quest take place within the context of our personal schedule and our list of agendas. Should the Divine ever call, we will suggest a more convenient time next month because we happen to be busy right now.

The restructuring of one’s life that is necessary in order to accommodate a process that provides a chance for Samadhi is highly inconvenient. Therefore, the structure supporting the continuation of the soul’s dream exists in direct, hostile opposition to the structure supporting the soul’s awakening.

The vast majority of all spiritual activities and endeavors is insincere, inefficient or a combination thereof. This applies to the currents of the New Age, Buddhism, Hinduism and any other form or name of religion and spirituality that exists out there.

Historically speaking, the Great Work takes place mostly in small groups outside the mainstream of spirituality and religion.

There were exceptions where individuals found awakening within the context of mainstream religion, but this often meant they were in great danger of being killed by religions leaders as a threat to their position of power and ruling. Good examples were Theresa of Avila and St. Francis. They lived (by a small margin) but other mystics were not so lucky.

Most modalities of mainstream religion simply represent another form of governing and controlling people. There exist four forms of controlling people: political, religious, corporate and military. Agreements or discords among these four determine when and where there is peace or war.

For a soul to awaken, it becomes necessary to step outside of any form of control. Buddha was not a Buddhist and Christ not a Christian. They were both highly unique individuals who both radically rejected the status quo of their respective times and environments. Perhaps in order to have the same revolutionary insights they had, we need to live in that same spirit that rejected what did not work for them, what they thought was inefficient or downright false.


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