A Journey In Consciousness

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Evolution of the Soul

The spiral is an agreeable image to depict the evolution of the soul. As the soul (hopefully) moves up on the spiral of evolution of consciousness, it gradually moves from the mode of dreaming toward the mode of awakening. As the dream mode becomes weaker and the awakening mode stronger, it naturally moves into a form of existential disagreement with those modules of consciousness that remain attached to dreamtime and desire its continuation. Even if this existential disagreement finds no outer expression, it remains an inner, hidden reality.

If the awakening soul remains entangled with souls committed to the continuation of the dream, much unnecessary conflict may ensue.

Therefore, the awakening soul should pay attention to this phenomenon and consider if it wants seek an existential dimension, a specified matrix, that allows for the heightened possibility of exchange with souls capable of relating to it as it is in a fashion that is harmonious and fruitful, thus supporting and continuing the Momentum of Awakening for itself and others efficiently.


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