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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Q & A

Q: This thing you call Samadhi – Can a person feel it in somebody else?

A: Rarely. Most people’s sensitivity does not reach this far. If you can feel it in some way, you most likely “have” it, in the sense that it is somehow part of your life and therefore you “can feel the vibe” in somebody else.

Q: If I work hard, can Samadhi happen to me?
A: Whether Samadhi becomes part of your living depends on many things. There need to be right methods, the ones that apply to your situation. Then there should be the right level of effort in the application of the methods (not too high, not too low). Buddha talked about “Right Effort.” He should know, because he engaged in wrong effort to discover the meaning of the term.

And even if you do everything right, there is simply no guarantee, because in the final analysis you depend also on help from others. And most finally, you depend on Grace to complete all your efforts.

As said before, many things have to come together to create the Climate wherein Samadhi can bloom. If you can afford to release inside yourself the Longing For Samadhi, perhaps the Universe will rearrange itself to accommodate you. Maybe.


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