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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Mind's Agenda For Its Continued Existence

In one of my writings I have begun using the term "Dimension of Significant Cultivation." I have stated that this dimension has been reached with the arising of Samadhi or No-Mind Experiences.

Today I wish to elaborate on another specific point that is most important for the soul to consider.

All things in life are imbued with a tremendous desire to live. The most microscopic for of life will instantly shrink away from something it considers a threat to its survival.

Viewing the mind in this context of sentient existence, it can be said that it is equally imbued with this very same drive for the continuation of its unaltered form of being.

Every once in a while there arise situations when the mind comes face-to-face with a situation or a soul that presents the possibility for the mind's cessation. From the mind's point of view this is death.

To get close to an Awakened Soul, to get close to a Buddha - this the mind consders a serious threat and it will activate multiple strategies to protect itself. It will do so just like a seasoned chess player. The mind must act with extreme cunningness to prevent its cessation. And its cessation will become a tangible possibility in meeting a Buddha, or even a Soul That Has Entered The Dimension of Significant Cultivation.

The soul inherently wants to awaken in the Divine. The mind does not, since the Soul's Awakening is tied in the cessation of the mind. The mind functions as a veil between the Soul and the Divine. This is the Number One Universal Problem of humankind. And mostly this problem remains entirely unidentified.

Once the Soul's Longing has become powerful enough to override the mind's moves of sabotage, the mind will then embrace the new direction and build new identities as seeker of the divine. It will put on new clothes of philosophy, religion and spirituality.

This is simply designed to prevent the soul from allowing or seeking out modalities that will stop the mind.

As far as chess goes, this is truly a fantastic move. The veil remains in place, but now we have the words "holy stuff" written on it as to not touch the veil.

The mind will use the words of a Buddha to prevent the soul from awakening in Silence. It will become proficient in quoting divine scriptures to prevent meeting the Divine.

Shine laser-like beams of discernment into the functioning of your mind. Contemplate and deeply understand the above an be on your way to Real Freedom.


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