A Journey In Consciousness

Thursday, January 11, 2007


As the soul falls upon itself, clarity becomes spontaneous and self-arising. Consequently, what comes before the soul is recognized, without judgment, for what it is.

As more and more Samadhi events occur for the soul and the momentum toward critical mass points continues, the soul generates a climate around the body that gradually increases in transparency and range.

Samadhi events reverse the relationship between consciousness and the bodily form. For the soul heavily anchored in dream, consciousness is a very tiny space inside the body. In Samadhi, this relationship reverses and the body becomes a tiny point INSIDE a rather Expanded Mode of Consciousness.

As you behold this picture, you can then imagine that if other bodies approach a body inhabited by a soul in Samadhi Influenced Mode, those bodies are actually INSIDE the existential sphere of the latter. Their mental/emotional functioning takes place INSIDE the sphere of such a soul.

Consequently seekers have often observed that their mental/emotional state was known to a Spiritual Master without them communicating it.

They did not understand that their bodies, mind and emotions, already stood inside the Master and therefore could easily be responded to without the need to ask questions. For Him/Her to take note of their reality was like the ordinary human being noting that the stomach needed food. No separation here.

This radically altered mode of existing and perceiving, representing a sensitivity not known to the average person, actually becomes a problem for the Soul Influenced By Samadhi Modalities. Imagine this soul grocery shopping (They do). If this soul encounters another soul deeply anchored in dreams of great negativity, this will register as a kind of stench that is most difficult to tolerate. There may even be the physical reflex of holding the breath (even though it is not a physical smell) while the negative soul walks by, even at a distance of 3-5 yards.

The process of awakening causes the activation of many complexities that only become known with the arising of this process.


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