A Journey In Consciousness

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Universal Laws

Based upon Experiences of Inner Shifting, these writings have become a vehicle to share Universal Teachings. They contain truths that may not be obvious yet are of eternal value. You can hold these words into the fire of your own investigation to determine their truth content.

In fact, each time we hear a statement, we can ask quietly inside, “On a scale from 1 to 10, how true is this?” You will hear the answer inside your own being immediately.

Life is very patient in the way it teaches us. If we refuse to listen, it does not take it personal. I simply presents and repeats the same lesson over and over again until we finally get it. We may get bruised in the process.

We may get bruised because we may have broken Universal Laws we did not know about or if we knew, we thought we could get away with breaking them without getting caught and paying the price for our transgression.

Life is about learning the Universal Laws and acting in harmony with them. This requires becoming very alert and aware every second of the day. Pay great attention to what you say and do. Don’t break any Universal Law in thought, speech and action. Follow the greatest Universal Law of them all: Be kind and wise, with others and yourself.


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