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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Ho' Oponopono Prayer

This is an ancient prayer that was traced back to the Pacific Islands and became popular in recent decades through Dr. Hew Len from Hawaii (who learnt it from Morrnah Simeona, who was given the title of "Living Treasure of Hawaii") Dr. Len used this stunningly simple yet powerful prayer to heal an entire ward for criminally insane patients. A shocking degree of healing. Feel free to research and google on your own.

The prayer goes like this: I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU.

This is what I understand about this prayer: It is based on the assumption that we are entirely responsible for every experience that comes to us, we create it. Any disagreeable event that comes to us or that we become aware of, we are connected to it and thus are responsible for its existence. It is a responsibility that goes beyond what our small, personal self would be capable of comprehending or accepting and in that sense I feel it extends into a very vast, existential kind of responsibility.

I have worked with this prayer and found it astoundingly efficient. While you can work with this prayer to bring harmony to specific relationships with certain people, I have also found that if you just repeat the words without a direct focus, very soon you will see faces arise in your mind's eye, of people and situations that you may not be at peace with. Surprisingly, I also saw certain aspects of myself in situations where I have not forgiven myself for mistakes I have committed in the past. Or suddenly I just find myself speaking to the Divine with that prayer.

The most astounding thing that I can report, however, is the simply amazing peace that arises very quickly within. I recommend this prayer to heal yourself, your relationships and your life. Try it.


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