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Friday, June 18, 2010



Sacred Pilgrimage is both an inner and outer journey. It is designed to open us up to awakening and seeing life from a sacred point of view. A pilgrim may begin the journey because he or she is in need of a healing (such as a pilgrimage to Lourdes). However, what makes a journey sacred is the focus and intensity of a pilgrim’s prayer, meditation and purpose.

Many people have come to France over the last few years looking for the lost secrets of Mary Magdalene, and exploring the possibility that her child may have started the Merovingian royal bloodline. At this point there is no written document that can prove such a claim and also the Merovingian kings were killed a long time ago. But the builders of the cathedrals, the Knights Templar, left clues and secrets in their Sacred Architecture.

The gnostics of the South of France, the Cathars, left their mark in the form of both castles and fortresses. But their fortresses did not protect them from the Albigensian Crusade. This crusade was started by the Catholic Church of Rome to wipe out the gnostic religion. The Cathars believed that direct experience with the Divine was far more important than the written word. What do the Merovingian Kings, the Knights Templar and Cathars all have in common? They all acknowledge the need for the Divine Feminine.

France is filled with secrets. But many tourists come, visit and return home, without ever penetrating the depth of the Secrets of France. But beyond the esoteric secrets, the Sacred Sites of France still hold ancient power to answer prayers and bring healing to any sincere pilgrim.

The proper approach to a sacred site is the key that can decode the secrets and the truth that is hidden from the masses. I would like to make a few suggestions. Following them I have found deepens my experience when visiting sacred places.

Every Sacred Site has its own history and vibration. If you can understand the power of a particular site, then you can begin to understand how to align yourself with the site you are visiting. This book will be a guide to understanding both the vibration and also the Ley-Lines of the lands. It is very important to understand the power of the land that creates a Sacred Site.

You could also become aware of your inner process before you visit a site. I have found many times that when a particular issue within needs healing, it will arise the day or night before I visit the site. Because of this I usually pray or meditate the evening before. This prepares me for initiation.

I am very watchful for outer symbols along the way when I approach a site. When you arrive at your destination, take your time to really meditate and pray. Many times I have seen tourists come and go into the cathedrals without ever really sitting down and feeling and seeing what is really before them. It is through silent meditation and prayer that the Sacred will be revealed to you. It is more important to visit one place and have a deep experience of healing than visit a dozen places quickly and only walk away with a few photographs and no understanding of where you have been.

So I now would like to invite you to enter with me into the Mystical Journey of the Sacred Sites of this great nation we call France.

Author Biography

Raylene Abbott’s spiritual training has spanned over the last 30 years and she received initiations by both Western and Eastern traditional teachers. She has formed the essence of this training into teachings relevant for our contemporary world. These teachings recognize the need for balancing the masculine and feminine at this point in history. This integration needs to take place in the way we live on this Earth.

She is an international author. Her book "Between the Visions" is available on amazon.com and has been published in France as "L’Emergence de la Femme Divine" (The Emergence of the Divine Woman). Also published in Italy & Japan.


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