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Monday, April 05, 2010

The bird on your shoulder

There forever exists the difference between things as they appear to be and things as they actually are. This gap forces me continually --- and I mean continually ---- to practice discernment and distinguish between the two. The outer world is forever engaged in this giant sale..."Buy appearances, cheap discount. 90% off. In fact, take them free!"

As I am continuing to speak and write about the possibilities of compassion in action, I have come to realize that on occasion I may be a pain to some people who read my stuff, because, basically I am looking at myself and I am asking myself: "Given my potential for compassion and kindness in action --- did utilize my potential? Am I using my lifeforce is such a way as to bring beauty, wisdom and kindness to my environment and to this planet? As I am asking myself this question, I am simply extending the question to the person who reads this, which at this very moment in time - is you.

I have come to realize that this question that I share really may cause discomfort in some readers and that basically I am attempting to expand that feeling of discomfort until it reaches a point where that question becomes like a heat, something that acquires an overriding importance. Something to be dealt with. Thus, I realize this is a job that does not necessarily engender a lot of gratitude, rather it might at times simply engender the response of irritation.

I also realize that I cannot help myself. I speak the words that I speak, because they are inside my being, requesting to be released into the atmosphere. So I guess, I am doing what I have to do, without a great sense of having a choice. I can choose, however, to release the words without expectations, like opening a cage of doves and letting them fly without expectations of what they might do or where they might land. I am working on that. So, if you have a bird sitting on your shoulder, picking away at your ear, don't blame me. I released the birds because I had to. And perhaps they are just whispering something in your ear that is both true AND uncomfortable. Again, don't blame me. I am just a hapless victim of the forces of creativity that are moving through me and that, I admit, at times feel like gigantic tidal waves.

This invitation to engage in WisdomKindness in action can be like a fine needling. However, allow me to point out this. I feel that we live in a world where to live a life where we are quietly good, is simply no more enough. Why? Because right now there are many highly active currents on the planet that are most expressively destructive. And goodness, when not expressed, simply ends up in support of these same currents of destruction. Goodness that does not take a stance -- is simply a gesture of impotence. Goodness that does not express in action, may be just another word for complacency. Sleep. Hypnosis.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the world is flooded with suffering, and, what is worse, indifference to that suffering. It is said that the opposite of love is not hate --- it is indifference. I believe that to be true. Indifference and non-action are the attitudes that support forces that actively bring suffering.

Some people in the New Age may bring up the law of karma. Perhaps to justify indifference and inaction. In the end, the wrong that happens to somebody else, the suffering that happens to somebody else --- we are deeply connected to it and the world will never be a peaceful place unless each of us finds an active way to contribute to peace with actions that support the striving for peace.

There are also those voices that would suggest that we can only give true kindness if we are fully aware. Does it mean I have to be enlightened first before I can engage in acts of kindness? And everything prior to that is "idiot compassion?" Think again. Sometimes it takes very little to make a difference in somebody else's life. Beginning with a word of appreciation, a small present, or something that expresses "I care for you." Every day there exists a myriad of opportunities to contribute to WisdomCompassion in action.

This is the bird for today and it is on your shoulder.


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