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Friday, June 11, 2010



Dear Friends,

SUTRAS FOR CONTEMPORARY TIMES is now available on amazon.com as an ebook. Please go to http://www.amzn.com/B003NE6DDI

Sutra is a term used in ancient times in Asia. It has multiple meanings. Literally it means thread. But it also means collection of aphorisms or teachings and was often used to present spiritual insights. The writings in this book are the result of my passion for the world of meditation and almost 40 years of spiritual practices.

Of course, one might ask, how could one be passionate about meditation? Good question. It compares to asking how could one be passionate about digging holes in the ground? Well, it is about finding diamonds and gold and other gems that are of great preciousness. I turned my attention to the inside of my being and as a result of that, great treasure was revealed to me. Therefore, I love to turn inward because there is always something new and of great value to be discovered.

And why 'for contemporary times'? We need a new spirituality that unites intelligence, common sense, compassion and kindness into a vehicle that really takes us to frontiers that are not just new, but also enjoyable and satisfying to reach. We need a spirituality for contemporary times.


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