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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Sustained Transcendental Experience

The Sustained Experience of Awakening is difficult enough to reach. Additionally it is very important to note that whatever happened to the individual before the event in the ways of conditioning and programming, often continues afterwards in ways that may be surprising.

The expressions of individuals who live the Sustained Transcendental Experience can differ dramatically so that even if the individual is awakened, we may find not everyone would be our cup of tea.

Ramana lived the life of an ascetic before and lived the same way after, more or less, even though he became accessible to people. He did not talk overly much, but when he did, his words were of an incredible depth and wisdom. He was a truly humble man and in my view, he was rather efficient in passing on the Light to others.

Anandamoyee Ma captured everyone's heart with her beauty and deep devotion. Osho had an intellect like a laser beam and was very funny at the same time. His command of language was both poetic and awe-inspiring.

But we also have other expressions, like for instance U.G. Krishnamurti. I do feel the man too "had" it. Yet even when he met Ramana, he was arrogant and his style lacked basic courtesy and this did not change after his awakening. If you listen to him, it feels as if there is an angry, cantankerous and vulgar old man, ranting and raving. His skill of communication makes me wonder if there are many people who benefited from him.

So, the range of expression of the awakened mind can differ hugely and is very confusing. In the end, you have to follow your own heart and intuition and go with the cup that suits your own tendencies and preferences. If at all you are looking for spiritual guidance, just look inside and simply ask " Will I benefit from associating with this teacher?" Your heart will tell you the answer.


At 2:23 AM, Blogger Bruce said...

While Ramana, UGK, JK, Osho, etc ... remain a well trodden path for westerners seeking life's truths, Billy Meier is practically unknown, but knows more than the entire lot of them, put together.


At 5:42 AM, Blogger Andreas said...

While a man could have accurate knowledge of the past, present and the future, possible but rare, he could still not know the truth of his being. To have knowledge of events and TO BE REALIZED IN THE SELF ... are two different things.


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