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Monday, January 04, 2010

Between the Visions by Raylene Abbott

Between the Visions
Review from Mt. Shasta Magazine
Vol. 5 Issue 1
By Michou Landon

Mount Shasta's own Raylene Abbott has birthed a
sweet and intimate memoir of one woman's ever-
deepening journey of healing, integration, Union
with the Beloved - human and Divine. Gently and
simply written, playful and passionate, it is at times
a poignant, powerful read.

Explanatory passages, which may seem very basic
to some, ensure that the "less spiritually traveled"
readers are included and even educated. Even so,
some of the content may command a considerable
spiritual maturity or at least openness.

Biographical narrative ties together the author's
visions, which have served to illuminate her regular,
3-D, human experiences. Often these visions contain
symbolism of buried cultures, reviving the timeless
truth and tangible relevance of images made cryptic
by time and tyranny.

Union is the cohesive theme, whether as Union of
Heaven and Human, Etheric and Earthly, Feminine
and Masculine, or the universality among all
spiritual traditions and practitioners. The gift of
Abbott's personal accounts is to illustrate this unity
more experientially than theoretically.

This is, however, as the author concedes at the
outset, an account of experiences whose true essence
and impact are beyond the realm of words. This is
why the level of each reader's spiritual openness,
humility and maturity can greatly influence how s/he
receives the content and message; that is, how much
s/he finds resonance and inspiration in the
experiences and how much s/he feels an awkward spectator.

Tantric exploration features importantly in the
book; the candid sexual passages could challenge
some, which might not be a bad thing. True Tantra
holds promise for the salvation of many.

This little book holds potential value for everyone,
whether to answer questions, plant seeds, or truly
inspire fellow travelers on the numinous journey home.


At 9:05 AM, Blogger Tammie Lee said...

this is a wonderful review, congratulations Raylene! I sense the book is a treasure.


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