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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Mantra Work: Feedback from Paule in Paris

The first time I met Raylene and Andreas was in January, 28 2008 ...

At that time I was 52 and I had already gone through a long journey of personal development.

Life had given me hard lessons to swallow… First I had believed that carrier success and building a family could make me forget about my absence of inner peace. Then after I turned 30 I tried to make up for my lack of joy through many techniques of personal development and many teachings… Alas each time I thought I had reached a peace haven, a new step of depression would catch me and I eventually believed I would never overcome this state of despair.

Yet the light, joy and shared love would keep on calling me relentlessly! When my friend Catherine suggested I should have a mantra healing, I wanted to try out. Why not after all? What if my asthma and migraines could disappear this way?

The meeting with Andreas and Raylene was a major turning point in my life… They reconnected me with the Universe and its wonderful Life; for me Love and Light in essence…

Since I was working with them I have had a clear feeling to accomplish a work of disidentification from my representations and my emotions, which opens the way so I can become every day more and more of a « hollow bamboo » through which Light and Peace can run.

Slowly thanks to the mantras, the individual healings and the invocations, I am indeed settling in a wider inner space. The many tools, the various references, the unconditional love and support they give me while being kind and demanding allow me to deepen my inner quest and have the feeling to “come back home for good” at last!

Of course the different “layers of the onion” are still here and I must regularly go through them: guilt, abandonment, sadness, boredom, shame… But what is radically different is the capacity I developed thanks to their teachings to « alchemize » these emotions or representations I meet by putting them in the heart, by summoning up the mind beyond any reasoning. THAT is miraculous!

Obviously this satisfaction has a price tag to it: practice, constant endeavour. Daily mantras and invocations, healing sessions, attending the workshops, the courage that is necessary to go through the suffering I meet, to overcome the tired body that resonates with these essential modifications…

This realization is only possible because on the way there is the powerful presence of Andreas who inspires with rigour and strength; the generous support from Raylene who brings tenderness and gentleness; the discrete warmth of Olivier who allows for the realization of the alchemy. The three of them carry a tangible love in them while respecting the individual freedom!

THANK YOU to each of them.

And there are also the friends whom I meet each month on the road again, especially Caroline, Isabelle, Alvina, Isabelle, Jasmine, Kévin, Maurice, Jean-Philip… not to mention Patrick… So much happiness!

With all my heart THANK YOU to them also

P.S: Today my asthma is gone and the migraines are very rare!!!


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