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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Feedback from the last workshop in Paris

Dear Andreas,

I wanted to give you a feedback after this beautiful workshop, and it is already Wednesday !!!!!!
So a lot of good intuitions and projects appeared on Monday evening.

And about Sunday, it was such a nice experience, these healing sessions. I felt like a powerful channel and to be in a circle around one person and give all those good vibrations and loveā€¦ it was an amazing feeling. A lot of heat came into my body during the sessions. And so much love could be felt between people!

About the invocations, I felt something very special, not at the beginning but during the second round. It was like it was my voice but the words came from very far. I felt connected with the Divine Energy! And inspiration came naturally. I want to continue this work at home!

Andreas, thanks a million times for sharing your experiences with us, helping us to approach the Divine and talking about your amazing stay in India...and so many things about the subtle planes!!

How is Raylene ?? Hope ro see both of you on Thursday !
Take care
Lot of love


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