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Saturday, November 21, 2009


90% of of Tibetan Buddhism is about invocation and visualization. And, as the Tibetans will tell you, it works! In the exact same way a movie functions as an invocation. First you have the idea, then the writing, then the filming and the acting. The acting part is the most tangible expression of taking an idea into material manifestation.

But does it stop here?

Whatever the central them of the movie is, that gets invoked. A process is started to shift the inviisble ideas into matter. If your central idea is posiitve and hope-inspiring that emphasizes beauty and compassion, then this idea is on course to go into full-on material manifestation. If the central idea for the movie is destructive and violent, then this too is on course for full-on manifestation. You actually call the respective spirits. Any Tibetan monk could tell you this and I wrote articles about this 20 years ago.

Some examples.... Brandon Lee died in the middle of an ultra-violent movie. A bullet in one of the guns ... was real. Walter Landis made Twilight Zone - The Movie. In one of the the scenes they were filming, there was a negative spirit on the wing of the plane, trying to break the wing as to bring the plane down. Only one passenger had the sight to see that spirit and that was the theme.

During the making of the movie a helicopter was used to shuttle the actors to location. It crashed and killed two child actors. Walter Landis went to prison over this for neglect. The invocation of the movie ... worked all too well.

Other examples of movies that work well with their invocational content can be seen when we have some teenagers go out and re-enact some great violence they just saw on screen. Again, we have here the original psychic modality ... traveling all the way to manifestation.

So, what is the message?

Be careful what you film, it might become more real than you bargained for.


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